Do you know little fighter?

Hi all,

I want to share my favorite game.

Little figther 2

you can download this game below link.

Or, you can play on web.

Little fighter is Hong Kong freeware PC fighting game for Windows.
When I was young, I played this game with my friends.

Little fighter 2에 대한 이미지 검색결과

By the way, Someone developed this game for web.
tyt2y3 developed F.LF based on little fighter 2.
F.LF is open source game for web.

Below link, I was modifying code… and not completed.

a s d     jkl


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Hi, I am Jacob. I wanna be a good robotics engineer.

Hi, I am Jacob.
My dream is developing service robot that helps people such as R2D2 at star wars.


I was studying on mobile robot navigation.
I am currently developing robot related software.
For developing robot , engineer should understand a lot of themes.
Computer, electronics, machinery, apparatus, etc.
Fortunately, I am curious and interested in the overall robotics field. HAHA

My hobby are

  • Pokemon go
  • Hearthstone
  • Started stock studies recently
  • The latest technology studying
  • Reading books

In steemit, I hope I will have many friends and be close more on english.

I will post about what I like.. such as food, game, latest tech, thought about book, movies.
Thank you for reading this.